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The Epoxy team consists of two brothers that want to create something for you with soul and give each project its own unique look. Just as the brothers have their own characters, we hope our activities reflect the same ideas — creating something different and outstanding. Every completed project is unique and individual. We give your furniture new life by using an innovative method. We do not only want to restore your furniture, but also create something new based on your personal wishes and needs. We hope to create a pleasant working relationship between the client and service provider, during which time we will offer our own vision while also listening and taking into account the customer’s desires.


Our main focus is the restoration of worktops, bar counters and furnishing. We give your furniture new life by using an innovative method. Epoxy is durable, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, and can be safely restored. We use UV resistant epoxy resin to provide long-lasting shiny outcome. If you feel your home design lack's attitude then we can offer unlimited colour combinations and patterns. The only limitation is your own imagination and the limits that you set. Unleash your imagination and order your inner happiness.


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    Joensuunkatu 7, 24100 Salo, Finland
    ☎ +358 504 622 339
    ✉ info@epoxy.fi

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